‘5 Minute Simplify’

A brand new section dedicated to making life a little simpler, aswell as bring out the laughter inside! I know for a fact musical production can frustrate me to the bone, that’s when I need to take a break and have laugh. I assume the same for any hobby, job, ideal or ‘way of life,’ sometime you just need a break. So, when this much needed break occur’s, that’s why there is ‘5 Minute Simplify,’ dedicated to making things, a little simpler!


Now the saga of Lance Armstrong is dying down, the ‘puns’ have come out to play!


So you have just finished copping it from your boss all day. You get home, put your feet up and see this… instantly feel better!


It couldn’t be… It Is!


Well your day might be bad, but at least your not going to wake up with a few broken bones!


Come on Tyrone!


Facebook Antics, we have all had one!


So when I first saw this I had to blink a few times..


We have all been in a situation much like this before, but it’s so much funnier when it’s not us! 



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