Here our favourite Bootleg’s are combined for your convenience and enjoyment, let us know what you think of them too!

A true titan of a bootleg, ‘Mikael Wills’ will surely get you popping tags with a mere $20 in your pocket! Originating in New Zealand, ‘Wills’ has released a string of bootlegs from the top 40, replacing the pop style with downright gruesome bass-lines surely to get you going ‘Grandpa Style.’ There’s not much that can be said about this banging bootleg, all thats known is that it will get you walking into a club yelling, “This is F%$*ing Awesome!”

Viva Las Vegas Producer, Revolvr, has recently passed his 2 year anniversary of producing banging glitch tracks, quite an achievement when his lowest accumulating track listens is just under 6000! His bootleg of Knife Party’s ‘Internet Friends’ is a standout in a crowd thousands as it boasts a remix of the famous quote, ‘You Blocked Me On Facebook, And Now Your Going To Die!’ Not only does Revolvr edit the sample voice of the facebook stalking female, he also reconstructs the bassline into an all out face melting warmth consisting with the definite ability to get you moving! words cannot describe it, you just have to listen!

This time, K Theory has teamed up with Colorado producer TYR to give birth to a Bootleg of The Bee Gees Classic, “Stayin’ Alive.” Based at 100 Beats Per Minute, this timeless rework will give you a ‘Saturday Night Fever!’ With groovy basslines and that old cheesy John Travolta finger pointing dance, this bootleg is one not too miss!

When you pop a molly, your going to be sweating for a while! Trinidad James’s one line lyric has been taken world-wide, most notably by LA producer, Dillon Francis, where he was videoed expelling the one line wonder whilst licking the camera. Quick off the mark, New Jersey Producer Aylen, remixed Dillon Francis’s voice sample into a flat out blown Moombahton/Glitch banging track!


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