Dog Blood – Next Order

Thought to be a collaboration between Skrillex and Boys Noize, Dog Blood has caused quite the commotion releasing it’s new EP under Boysnoize Records and OWSLA.

The evidence has been brought forward that ‘Dog Blood’ is indeed the mixed forces of the two heavy bass producer’s. As Boysnoize Records is obviously owned by Boys Noize, as is Skrillex to OWSLA, it continues to point to the fact that ‘Dog Blood’ could be an offspring super-group.

Another sweep of the net and from a member of the Erol Alkan Forum, evidence was stated:

“Skrillex played ‘Next Order’ as his first track on the BNR night at Bootshaus, Cologne. Alex (Boys Noize), who was djing right before Skrillex told me that this is the track they produced together.”

Again, evidence piling up to the fact that this very much could be a Super-Duo project.

However, all this doesn’t prove very much at all. From a blasé theory to a statement whose credibility could be questioned without fail, the evidence isn’t very appealing.

But you decide.

After you listen to the tune of course..